1C Record keeping and Control

Financial planning, accounting , sales and personnel records, industry solutions.

Business process automation

Analysis, development, optimization and modernization of business processes, development of KPI

CRM, ERP systems

Increase of Sales, improve client loyalty level, optimization of resources allocation in the company

Database security

Provide cloud technology, server technology, access control

SMS and Email marketing

Automatic notification about order status, promotions and discount to clients

Record keeping adjustments in online shops

We can maintain and synchronize orders, and synchronize references books, full connection with record system

About the company

Our aim is to automize repetitive tasks and save time for a creative approach to do business.

“Everything machines can do, machines should do“

– O. Nayda

Cooperation steps

Analysis, Audit

Analysis of solved tasks, production processes and quality criteria, survey of the staff involved in the process.

Business process assessment

Detail business processes with key parameters and interaction between departments and processes.

Detection of Flow Errors

Finding flows where company resources like financial and time are lost.

Atomization solutions

Automize regular procedures, using most suitable solving algorithm.


Provide plan an action plan, showing strengths and weaknesses, confirm approval.


Launch, test, finalize development, train staff.

Benefit assessment

Evaluate company performance in terms of time and profit.


Business solutions

Optimize Business Processes Today To Gain Profit Tomorrow

Accompanied with our help

Employees, pers.

10 k

Documents, pc.

10 m

Money, UAH

10 b